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i bought a jaguar american reissue on ebay. the height of the strings were a little too tall, so i took it to the shop to get an initial setup. now that i'm playing it, i think they put .10 instead of .11 strings.

my question for you guys is: if i put in .11 strings, do i need to set up the bridge in a special way? i'm scared that they might've lowered the bridge too much for .11's...

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Yeah, you can use 10's no probs.. i do and always have.

The only things to be aware of are because of the lighter gauge strings there is less tension on the bridge, so keep an eye on them saddle grub screws. They have a tendancy to work themselves loose.

If you have any problems let us know. I made a tutorial video to set a Jag bridge up.

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I say go for .11's. You get more 3rd order harmonics from thicker strings.... or something. Really the bridge shouldn't need altering if you go up a gauge, it will make a teeny difference to the intonation I guess but not much. The thing you should lookout for is that the truss rod might need adjusting to compensate for the extra tension from thicker strings. Again, you can probably get away without doing anything but I tightened mine slightly when switching from the stock strings (0.9's for chrissake!) to .11s. There are instructions on how to do it knocking around somewhere if you're not sure - google it.

One other point is, if you do alter the height of the bridge you'll throw the intonation out by a small degree. And the other thing is, if the string height (action) was lowered when the guitar was setup the strings will feel lighter cos it's easier to play, so they might still be .11s anyway.

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