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Jag-Stang or Mustang?


Which one is better - Mustang or Jag-Stang?  

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  1. 1. Which one is better - Mustang or Jag-Stang?

    • Mustang
    • Jag-Stang

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the necks felt the same to me. like johnnie says, they might feel a little different. but all jaguar, mustang and jag-stang necks should be the same. they are all 24", with C profile and 42mm nut width. so that makes them all more or less identical in my book.

i mean, my old '62 jaguar neck feels a bit different to my new jaguar neck. but i've measured the girth and everything with a cloth tape measure, and they measure up the same

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the js neck feels better than the mustang neck to me. i don't know why it just does. i agree with what lamp says about pickups. the JB is ok, but it's not the best pickup in the world. i prefer the super distortion for a start. also, i think the pearl guard looks awful. the brown tort on the stang is ok, but read tort looks better imo. as for contours, i've not had a problem with the JS - the shape of the body means that there is no wood in the area where wood would be on other guitars so i don't think it needs contours.

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you have seen a video in 94' of kurt playing his Jag? do you happen to own this and could you possibly upload it i would like to see the jag in action. Also i suggest get the mustang although i am extremely biased but the more reasonable approach seems to be to purchase the jag and spend the extra money to modd it up for the sound u want

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