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Fender Jaguar/Mustang Bridge in Gold - Where to buy?

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Anyone know where to get a replacement Jaguar/Mustang Bridge in Gold from?

I have one of the Japanese Anniversary Models from 1994 and I need to find a new bridge for it. I switched to a Tune-O-Matic bridge but I am not to stoked on it.

Anyone have any leeds - besides buying a crome one and painting it?




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i think they copied that info off my site. so did that provide.net vintage thingy

what fender copied the info off you? really?

I wouldn't be surprised. I think I remember it saying that. It's kinda sad, I haven't been on your site in a long time, Rick. I remember re-wording a lot of stuff over a year ago, but now I'm not certain what I did. There's a lot of usage of the first person, which I likely would have done back then, but probably not anymore. I wonder, has trisky been editing it at all lately? Or are you the only one who's working on it? A lot of it seems like his writing style, anyhow.

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haha, so it was the other way round, you copied that info off the fender site then? :)

i changed the password recently, actually. so you guys wouldn't have been able to get on there lately to edit it. i changed it because it was too jaguaresque and therefore guessable. i'll send you the new one if you want to put some graft in.

ah, i knew a golden bridge would turn up eventually. pity it's being sold by someone renound for sky high prices

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