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Billy Corgan Sig Strat

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I actually played one of the Strummer Tele's in Guitar Center a month or so ago. It was alright...the tone wasn't very great as Strummer probably didn't care all that much about tone. Also, since it's Mexican made, all the the wear and tear was basically painted on. (Except for the hardware, it was all rusted down like a normal custom-wear Fender guitar).

But the Corgan guitar...I don't know if I'd buy it...maybe if I was in a Smashing Pumpkins tribute band. However, it does look like a nice collector's item...I just wouldn't use it for gigs, I'd think.

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As much as I love the '57 Reissue, with the grey paint and stickers and what not. I think its very much a guitar thats true to that period. And its what most fans thought was cool back then, f*cked up Fender's in the '90's.

So, I guess its the Custom Strats. Keep in mind that a lot of Artist's then go on to use their own signature models, like J Mascis does. No reason Corgan wouldnt use his.

Nevertheless, I suppose Fender could issue the '57 reissue as a Siamese/Mellon collie signature model. I think that would be cool.

Does Fender even make reissues of reissues??

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Here is a pretty good photo of the guitar one of you was referring to.

It has a "deluxe" roller string tree, blue/silver/red lace sensor pickups, and that replaced tuner is a Hipshot D-Tuner with a lever for switching the tuning for the E String. It is an early 90's 57 Re-Issue Stratocaster. It started off as a 2 color sunburst, then had silver paint, and bat, spider, and other stickers applied, which have since mostly worn off. Billy covered the entire pick guard with black sharpie marker, which has since worn itself off from use.

It was his main AXE from the time his Gish Strat was stolen (Early 90's) to the late 90's. Used heavily for touring, and recording several songs on Siamese Dream.

You can see the guitar new with its sunburst finish in videos from 1992 like the Reading Festival

You can see this guitar with fresh silver paint and stickers on their 1995 SNL performance

And then by 1996 he had it worn down to this point.


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Might as well keep it alive now...

I don't mind SP, but Corgan's voice grates on me before too long. I tend to like their long, slow, epic songs. Porcelina of the Vast Oceans, Starla, stuff like that.

I think I am the only person I know who loves Corgan's voice lol... Imo Mellon Collie is their best album (and my favourite album :-D )

Also, I think Jag-Stang got me into SP, as far as I remember there was a topic about Fender Blenders, and someone posted that vid of them playing Slunk on Japanese TV, and it was just like an epiphany lol, so thanks to whoever originally posted that...

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