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LSR Roller nut question...

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I got a 69' RI Fender Mustang I got off ebay > http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... Y.m238.lVI ...... that should arrive Friday and I was wondering...will a Fender LSR roller nut with measurements 1 11/16 inches x 3/16 inches fit a a mustang neck? I mean is it the same size nut and will it work? I plan on getting a Red tortouise shell pickguard, roller string trees, white SD JB jr. in the bridge, and possibly locking the tremelo down, but I cant really understand how to do that....but I will eventually when I study my new prized possession when it gets here Friday. Thanks in advance!

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yeah, its just such a shame, these kids get a nice guitar like the mustang, jaguar, and mustang just to ask the same questions.

how cani put a humbucker in it?

where can i get a tune o matic?

how do i lock the trem?

or its the other way around.

i just got this guitar and i locked the trem put a bucker in it and put a tune o matic in it, and right after that happens they always say.

"it does not sound right, i don't like it" lil do they realize its becuz they have changed everything about it that made it unique.

im not directing this to you icon, im really just making an observation of what goes on most of the time, no harm meant.

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personally i think slinkys are the absolute worst strings out there.

they just sound weird to me, and feel off as well, if thats even possible.

i got a free pack when i bought a guitar from a fellow and put the strings on my tele, played about 3 songs with band and switched to my j.s. even tho the strings on that thing are DEAD!

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