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The Fender Jaguar... on reflection.

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This might be helpfull to new members, people new to the Jaguar or people considering the first purchase.

I am a Fender Jaguar enthusiast, i fell in love with the looks of the guitar in my teens and wanted one for years. When i finally got one i did a lot of research and spent hours, days and weeks setting it up and getting it to perform at its best.

After previously using a lot of S.G. type guitars i also tried to 'fatten up' the sound of the Jaguar, i tried four different pickup upgrades in the bridge position and then went one further and purchased a HH model.

Then i got a Vintage model which was the eye opener.

This is my opinion and some may disagree. I realised the Fender Jaguar with its own sound and character is the guitar at its best. It is a guitar with single coil pickups initially designed for 'surf' music and is notoriously a guitar with a lot of treble in its sound.

You can fit anything you like on this guitar but it is still a Jaguar and it will never sound like a Les Paul, Ibanez or whatever else, in fact, save yourself time and money by buying a cheap Multi FX processor like a Korg Toneworks and play your Jaguar through that. Because it is the cheapest, quickest and least time consuming way of getting a rock sound out of the guitar.

Alternatively, if you love the shape but not the sound try the HH model but you will have to upgrade the stock pickups as they are limited as far as humbuckers go. There is also the similar Fender Toronado and Squier Jagmaster, both offering humbucker sounds with the Jaguar look.

If you settle on the Fender Jaguar, particularly the CIJ model the time will eventually come when you feel the pickups are not that great. In my opinion the Antiquity replacements available from Seymour Duncan are one of the best to go for. They have a warmer more mellow sound, the treble is not as harsh and they have more range.

All in all, remember what the Fender Jaguar is.. and love it for what it is.

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I think it was the looks and the mystery that attracted me, somehow I just knew I wanted one, thats either a kind of love or a kind of stupidity.

The sound is kind of odd in some ways, on my RP50 distortion can sound identical through hot rails to my stock Rally Les Paul, but then something clean thats way too gainy on my Les can sound thinner and calmer on the Jag, so much to learn.

My only worry with the jag is that it won't bend and shred compared to my Les as the frets are so small and flat (and have huge gouges up to the 9th).

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My only worry with the jag is that it won't bend and shred compared to my Les as the frets are so small and flat (and have huge gouges up to the 9th).

Its just getting use to the frets. In a way the Jag is easier to shred on because it is a smaller scale and stretching is easier but some people prefer jumbo frets.

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I noticed mad mike could shred well on a jag, so that gave me some confidence,

It bends like s h i t though, the frets are too deeply worn to bend properly low down and are too flat and rough up high so my fingers grip on the board and stop the flow, but i'll get it all renovated soon enough.

At least it was a cheap neck and the wear isn't so bad as the neck is fitted 1mm to the right so the strings don't sit in the grooves, they're just to the side.

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