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which do you think is better??

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350 is still incredibly high, paint for that project would cost less than 30 dollars and time and effort would the equivalent of sanding while watching tv, spraying for 15 mins, waiting and hour, repeat, dry, and sand while watching tv again.

deffinitly go ebay, there is not use in getting a mustang just to re-finish it when the finish you desire is availble.

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no brainer question: ebay. Well, unless of course you are me, in which case, you'd just grab a few blocks of wood and start cutting away. Sorry... :lol:

lucky skilled person :?

luck has nothing to do with it, but talent on the other hand...


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Just buy one off of eBay.

Personally I prefer to buy a used guitar that has a few marks on it as then I'm not afraid to use it. When I've bought brand new guitars I tend to be very careful with them and hardly play them because I'm scared of denting it etc! A bit similar to Kevin McCallister and his roller blades!!!

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