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How to install a JB jr. in a 69' RI

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The mustang's old bridge pickup had a black and white wire only, with the white being hot I think.

The JB jr. has Black, Green, Red, White, and Bare.....what color wire do I solder where the white wire used to be, and what color do I solder where the black wire was? And what do I do with the other wires?

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I haven't done this for quite a time, and my brain feels a little rotten. Feel free to correct anything of this if anyone knows of a better way. This is for "hot".

1)Remove old bridge pickup.

2)Expose and cut the new pups wires to fit snuggly under pick guard.

3)Take humbucker and screw it in the bridge position. You might have to enlarge the pick guards bridge pup's hole with a knife, as even single coil humbuckers are a little thicker, not much though.

4)Twist and tape the RED and WHITE wires together.

5)Then the black goes where the black did with the single coil pup, the green goes where the white did. Thats how I've always done it.

6)When you solider them, make sure you practice a few times with junk wire or something as it can be tricky the first time. Make sure you feed the wires through the switch holes and then solider them.

7)Grounding, at this point I plug the guitar in with a little amp distortion going. It will be noisey as hell when its not grounded, then find an idea place to ground it. You know its grounded when the buzzing and noise stops.

Again, I'm no guitar tech and would actually like it if someone posts a better way.

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to 65fenvox: I followed this wiring instruction. black to old black, green to old white, red and white taped together. Wired the bare together with the wires going to the volume ground. I hope you are right about it (if you happen to recall it).

I say about 90% it's correct but i still got a 'Q' at the back of my mind. I don't want to do it all over again.

ok. about the pickup sound, clean setting:

bridge only (jb jr): it sounded darker than the stock pickups. louder than stock.

bridge and neck - in phase: glassy, bright

brige and neck - out of phase: weaker, slighty bright but thinner

neck only: nothing's changed, still bright and slightly bassy

This is my first DIY soldering for a pickup. Did i do it correctly?

i went to google but can't find anything with the same wiring done like this.

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