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New mustang


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hella, you big fat jerk. lmfao

thats the EXACT 'stang i was gonna buy. and i dont mean model or color. i mean thats the EXACT same guitar. literally. as though it were in my hands and you took it away and ran to the front counter.

it's got a little ding on the back, on the top wing, right where the contour begins, does it not? and it was $495 to be exact. i just got paid yesterday after weeks of saving all my other checks and drove almost two hours to that store, and they had JUST gotten rid of it, 3-4 days ago. not cool.

the same knobs, price, and pup. a flipped dimarzio. and it just happen to be sold earlier this week. even if you say thats not it, it is. we're enemies now. i hope your happy. :P

when will the poor kid with no luck get a vintage guitar?! (even if it is a reissue!)

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