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Squire Cyclone

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Just bought one today, I was in a local music store and there she sat, black and tasty. And the price? $150! New! I said to myself, this thing is going to be total Sh*t, so I took the pepsi challenge and I love it. Now comes the fun part. I'm going to replace all the pickups, the pickguard, saddles and any other suggestions that any of you may have as well. Its Black, SO I'm uncertain of what color pickguard to put on it. I'm thinking maybe brown tortoise like Robroe, but I dunno.

Anyone had any experience putting a clear coat on the necks of one of these? If so, please give some detail as how I should go about doing so.


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imo the only big diffrence between squire and fender is the neck, and the pickups. so unless you want to buy a fender cyclone neck off ebay, id just focus on the pickups and visual stuff. im thinking its dark, so a red tort will set it off, and im thinking for a bucker you go with a phatcat 'bucker sized p-90. and for single you go lace sensor. thats what i would do.

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red pearloid for sure! go with an Invader for the bridge(i really like it on my strat) and a texas special on neck. If you can find and purchase some riogrande pickups go for it. There is a same cyclone sitting in my store with 180$ and i was thinking of purchasing it... but on the other hand i was thinking of going for something big.... jazzmaster or a jaguar maybe.

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i would ...

put a JB in the bridge, texas special in the neck.

leave the pickgaurd alone.

add a slider switch to split the JB for single coil.

(maybe jag-plate it with the 3-way)

lightly steel wool the back of the neck & see if that feels fine

graphite string trees (because the roller trees are worthless)

schaller tuning machines

schaller straplocks

(if the money is available,) tone pros bridge/trem

to "hardtail" it, just cut a block of wood to fit in the back cavity between the trem block and the "butt" of the guitar (opposite side from the springs).

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