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I've learnt that it is always wiser to save for what you actually want rather than 'make do'.

Having said that what do you want from a delay?

Its all very well buying a top of the range model but if you are looking for user friendly unit with popular settings the Boss DD3 is unbeatable. I have a DD6 and other than the 'warp mode' all the extra settings are useless to me.

I just sold an Akai Headrush as well, more like a sampler pedal. It was novel for a couple of weeks but that was that.

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Basically I'm after something that'll do all your regular crazy stuff delays do, reverse delay, warble and all that jazz, plus I want to be able to use it as a loop station for small acoustic gigs. Either the EH or the Boss models seem to do both all that. I'll probably go with the Boss mainly because I already have 3 EH pedals and want to try something different. That said I'll be going to a shop and trying them both out at some point so it'll more likely come down to which one I prefer having tried them.

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