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Hello, I've been here for while and got many good information from here too, so then finally I got my jag.

kinda interesting to see your Jag photo too.

What kind jag do you own? any model ,any year , any mods

Show us your Jag !!!

here is mine

2003 HJG-66 KC made in japan


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First up; A 1964 oxford green refin. This was formerly Lous:


Second, my first Jag. Sunburst CIJ with upgrades; black sp, 'mute' and SD QP pickup in the bridge position.


Third, burgundy mist CIJ upgraded to my preferences. DiM humbucker in the bridge position;


Buzzstop fitted specifically to counteract 'sympathetic harmonics' and 'timbre' being voiced from behind the bridge through the higher output pickup.

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Okay, y'all.





CIJ Jag in Candy Apple Red. Mods include:

- AV trem arm retrofit

- Buzzstop

- Graphtech String-Saver bridge saddles

- Seymour Duncan Antiquity 1 neck pickup

- Vintage Vibe JG-90 bridge pickup, ceramic magnets, modified to accomodate shielding claw.

- Neck finish sanded and resprayed in satin nitro (just along the back).

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whats the deal with that one? custom? refinished?

Well in the late 70's(not 100% sure) Fender started doing the color antigua on there guitars,as you can see on this site. http://www.pittsburghguitars.com/collantigua.html

But Fender Japan was the only one to do antigua on a Jaguar,the one I have was made in 2004,I really don't know if they still make them or not.

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thats really awesome!

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