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Hello, I've been here for while and got many good information from here too, so then finally I got my jag. kinda interesting to see your Jag photo too. What kind jag do you own? any model ,any year

First up; A 1964 oxford green refin. This was formerly Lous: Second, my first Jag. Sunburst CIJ with upgrades; black sp, 'mute' and SD QP pickup in the bridge position. Third, burgundy mist CIJ


Here you go :)


That spreadsheet should answer most questions. The neck is full length, rather than the Jaguar's usual 3/4 scale. It's made by http://www.legraguitars.co.uk/ and damn he's good.

It was made in early 2009, near the East coast of England (Essex, Leigh-on-Sea).

The fact it was left handed added a little bit of pain. For example, he got the right-handed control plates from a Jaguar and had to re-chrome them on the other sides, to fit them onto a left-handed body!

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Some more recent pics (cell phone pics) of my Jaguar. CIJ neck and body, AVRI trem. chrome, tuners,pots (500kA), wire etc, switchcraft toggle, DiMarzio pickups, Gotoh tuneomatic, allparts PG.

Its wired pups>toggle>vol>out. I really have no need for all the bells and whistles stock wiring, plus this is easy to switch between pups.

its a great guitar,Love it.

(right click view image for full size pics)






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Not very much at all actually.

You know its about one business card thick at the fron and about one and a half to two at the back of the pocket.

Of course you dont use the WHOLE business card, just little bits of it about the width of the pocket and a 1/4" - 1/3" wide.

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