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That J Mascis jazzy looks incredibley nice, but they're so much brighter than that :-hmmm

I really don't like the feel of my jaguar right now > . <

I've been playing bass and acoustic (13s) a lot recently, and so the horrible Bullet 9s which come stock feel disgusting. Really need to stick some 11s on there asap.

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Hello, I've been here for while and got many good information from here too, so then finally I got my jag. kinda interesting to see your Jag photo too. What kind jag do you own? any model ,any year

First up; A 1964 oxford green refin. This was formerly Lous: Second, my first Jag. Sunburst CIJ with upgrades; black sp, 'mute' and SD QP pickup in the bridge position. Third, burgundy mist CIJ


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anything but standar


I'm in love with this :-wow ...

Speaking of strings, I rock .013-.056 with a wound third. I had no idea they were "heavy gauge" until I spoke to my friend John about strings...

He was all, "I string my Jag with .010..."

I'm like, "I can't stand Light Gauge..."

He goes, "Whaaa? How are those light?"

I'm just, "I rock .013s and the pack says "Medium"."

He was, "Dude, those are heavy as sh!t!"

I was just like, "Fo realz?"

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