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Hello, I've been here for while and got many good information from here too, so then finally I got my jag. kinda interesting to see your Jag photo too. What kind jag do you own? any model ,any year

First up; A 1964 oxford green refin. This was formerly Lous: Second, my first Jag. Sunburst CIJ with upgrades; black sp, 'mute' and SD QP pickup in the bridge position. Third, burgundy mist CIJ


You know like the Kurtz one, where the centre of the burst is just nasty canary yellow?

That one, i don't know about what years they did it.

I like the wood coming through like on yours.

Fender started doing that in the CBS years to cut cut costs. Instead of selecting bodies with nice wood grains to show through they just slapped some yellow paint on the undercoats to cover up any imperfections. Brilliant!

That I didn't know, but it makes perfect sense.

I think both bursts are great looking.

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CIJ reissue candy apple red. I was going to look up the exact year via the serial number, but was too lazy to find sufficient resources. Anybody know a good way to tell?

I tried to include a couple related items for a sense of scale. Mixed results:



I have already purchased a buzzstop, which I am going to install and see if it solves some of the proverbial string-jumping problems. A black pearloid pickguard is also in the mail :twisted:

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as long as you can get them nice and clean, dont worry too much about it. the shinyness is hard to achieve with just a rag or paper towels thing or something. and i try to get it as clean as possible before stringing it so that the strings say clean for as long as possible. i problably spend a good 1 1/2 hours on a partial setup/cleaning + string change every time i string it.

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Just rub it in, the first couple of coats will get absorbed quickly, then just keep rubbing it in until it won't take anymore or until it's dark, then buff it with a clean rag.

If you're gonna do it do it properly, clean the fretboard first, and get the grime from the side of your frets out with a toothpick.

You could also masking tape your fretboard and wire wool the frets to a high shine before you do this for the best result.

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This is the same 02' jag I posted pics of earlier, but I've since upgraded it with a black pearloid pickguard and a buzzstop. I considered getting white tusq saddles as well, but I'll put up with temperamental silver jag saddles for now I suppose...not like I didn't drop enough on the guitar as it was. Also: abalone would have been another killer pickguard. Originally I thought plain black...which would still look good. I like this, though.



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