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Whose Your Favorite Jaguar or Jazzmaster guitar players?

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I'm going to have to go with Don Wilson

I was wondering if someone was going to mention The Ventures. They were the reason that my dad bought a used Jazzmaster in 1966. I will put in another vote for Johnny Marr. He is one of my all-time favs. P.S.-I have had my dad's 64' Jazz on permanent loan for about 13 years now.

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thurston moore, pj harvey, robert smith

no mention of ira kaplin(yo lo tengo)/Carrie Brownstien(sleater kinney)/black francis(pixies)/paul banks(interpol)/tony bradley(Distillers)/jason lytle(grandaddy)/stuart braithwaite(mogwai)? These bands are all amazing and owe at least a little bit to the jaguar and/or jazzmaster's unique sound at some point in thier record-making career.

oh and fruscante, if we'd forgotten

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Braithwaite used it for 'killing all the flies', it was a knakered white jaguar, theres a good pic of him somewhere with it, I'll have a dig about.

Frank black has mentioned a vintage jaguar as a main recording guitar whenever he does 'surfy' songs (there is a pic or two I've seen): you can't deny that 'there goes your man' and definitely the rhythm part to 'hey' have got jaguar all over them

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Lee Renaldo for his experimentation and customisation.

Not a huge fan of the music but Adrian Utley from Portishead uses Jazzmasters and is an amazing guitar player. He's a true jazz player too but can also inovate and experiment with it enough to produce the sounds and music that he does with Portishead. A very diverse talent.

I worked with him recently. Felt sick looking at the racks of guitars in his studio!


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