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Jag-Stang modded

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Hi y'all.

Dunno if anyone's interested but I've just had my sonic blue jag-stang (which I love) modded to suit me a bit better.

I bunged a couple of Seymour Duncans on it last year which are great but...

The switching irritated me live swapping from neck to bridge (switch one off, the other on..) so...

bridge switch is now wired as p'up selecter: (bridge/both/neck)

neck switch: phase/normal/parallel in series boost

& it works fantastically - it's so much more user friendly.

As we all know, the switches are too high so I've had them lowered.

I've also had a push/push coil tap added to the tone pot & upped both that & the vol to 500k pots.

Now tonally it's huge. It still retains it's original switching configurations but laid out better with a few extra twists.

Aside from a thorough set up the only other thing is I've had the bridge non-destructively converted to a hard tail.

It's an ultra simple solution, works 100% & completely reversible in about 20 mins.

I'd recommend the guy who did it all from working out the wiring diagrams to an ultra simple the bridge solution.

He's based in Horwich, NW UK.

I is a happy bunny, as they say :)

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Is there a schematic somewhere?

I'll see if I can get one off the guy who did it.

Also, what is the advantage of the change to 500k pots? I've read about it somewhere but I've forgotten now. Fatter or thinner?

A bit of both I guess.

250k pots work well on single coils as they 'tame' the higher frequencies - add a bit of warmth, 500k pots on 'buckers as they brighten it. All personal preference.

Sounds great at home through a TonePort but I've not had chance to give it a thorough thrashing live yet to decide whether it's an improvement or not yet. Am very happy so far though.

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Well I tend to play out of phase a lot simply because I like those characteristics when distorted more than with one or both pickups on. I'm really interested in rewiring my js for more tonal options and better performance in general. I could probably go without a schematic but I'd rather have one because Its been a while since I've wired for all these mods. A couple of years ago I built a guitar from scratch and wound up selling it to a friend. I put my all into that guitar and learned a lot of stuff working on it. You name it, that guitar had it. I had so many switches on that thing that it looked ridiculous, but I loved how versatile it was and id like to bring some of that versatility to my js.

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it's wired in series.

Am still working on getting the diagrams.

There's a very slight quirk with the in-series switch

Due to the number of terminals available on the switches the in series parallel can only come into play when the neck p'up is selected.

Not as we originally wanted it; but to get it to work any other way it would have meant getting new switches with 2 more terminals. As they're slightly bigger it would have meant doing some 'woodwork' which, funnily enough, I wasn't prepared to have done!

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