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here's a selection of the tunings i've used over the years (note - some require different string guages to standard tuning - that's why i have many guitars - for ages i didn't actually play a guitar in standard tuning at all, even though i don't use alternate tunings much anymore)

FCFAFC(the Fs on what would be the B and D strings on a standard tuned guitar are the same )

ACCGGC (A is the same pitch as a standard A string, the two Cs are at the same pitch as each other on the C above the A, then there's two GGs at the same pitch as standard then a C above that)

EBEEAB (the two Es are at the same pitch, the B is at the same pitch as standard B with the A just below it - just above the standard D. i also retune this guitar to EBEEAA or EBEEBB for some songs)


FFFGAC (first two Fs are tuned to the same pitch - the F above standard low E, the third F is an octave above those)

AAEEAA (the two low As are the same as standard A, the two high As are an octave above and the Es are in between)

CGDGBB (the psychic hearts tuning)

those are the ones that spring to mind at the moment...

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i occasionly tune to drop d but i usually just play in standard tuning

i dont see any reason to play in other tunings

I like playing in alternative tunings a lot, I wouldn't have made a lot of the songs I have if I didn't. I have several guitars tuned in different tunings. I find normal tuning to be boring at times, it's just to do something different really.

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