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Mustang sound


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Hi, im new in this forum, so this is my first post :-)

Im a lefthanded guy from germany and i want a mustang for 2 years i think.

So know, i found this:

http://guitarjapan.com/fenderjapan/spec ... -77L.html#

But the problem is, i dont know how mustangs sound :-(

Maybe this sounds stupid, but at my guitar stores there are no mustangs and they dont get them. In the internet i didnt found any sound samples for it, so i wanted you to ask i fyou could record some samples for me and upload it for the MG69-77. I dont know if there is a big difference between the other models but i would be delighted if you could do it. Doesnt matter which mustang it is, but please in original sound, so with original pickups or however.

Thx, Dolator

PS: Do yo u know any site where i can get lefty mustangs with "stripes"(dont know how they are called)? Cause at ishibashi and gutiarjpana there are none

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User Name: jcyphe

must be our jcyphe... anyways, I have a better, non-flash version if you want Dolator... ya, that is kinda my guy... in my pic...yep...


if you want it, cause no real other way for me to give it to you, about 44 MB in AVI

ADD:Hey, Dolator, in that clip he uses like 2 distortion pedals(big muff and RAT) and a blues driver; and another BIG MUFF on top of that for the solo I believe. Since you want to know about the sound.. just letten ya know.

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