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Billy Corgan strat on Fender.com

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It does look good, but apart from the fact that it has Billy Corgan sig pickups, i can't see many buying it because it's just another strat really.

How much do they run for? Any idea?

I'm hoping someone puts up a demo on youtube comparing the sig pups to some regular hotrails so we can see the difference, but hotrails are fine anyway.

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I'm looking forward to trying this out. Ok so i see what everyone means about the pickups, but it is a sig model, so it is to the artist spec. but i'm more interested in the nitro finish and the fact it's a hard tail. it's going to have less twang and the pickups will add bite. It's going to have all the best features of a '79 strat with a modern vibe. I LIKE IT!

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