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Yeah, those are pretty lame tunings, except for DADGAD, DADGAD is great.

now, if you want some real alternate tunings, try making up some of your own.

I tuned my guitar CCCCCC (So I could play George Harrison's sitar based songs) then found out a week later Lou Reed used DDDDDD On VU + Nico.

I use CADGBC on one of my songs.

The way I choose to use an alternate tuning isn't so I can do new chords, its so I can do new drones, although for most songs, using Be as drones works great, and if it doesn't sound quite right, bringing the chords up an octave works nicely.

(half of my favorite bands use drones, so I sort of picked it up)

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Right now I'm rockin' DADD on my tele, DADAAE on my Jazzmaster, which I never would have tried unless i had picked up a friends guitar and written a song inlike, 10 seconds with that tuning. It seemed to me like that hi E would foul things right up, but it goes nicely.

Then of course the bariotne is BF#BB

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