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New Guy here. Check out my Jag

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Sup. I'm Slade. I've lurked here for a while, finally actually needed to ask up about a little project of mine, so I figured might as well give me a good intro before somebody else does. :lol:



Had this thing for 3 years or so... CAR 95 MIJ with an alder body, all stock. Love it. It's got a really cool flame maple neck I ought to take pictures of. Play through a Vox AD30VT Valvetronix amp, not a bad thing.

Planning on keeping it stock. Though I might add a comp stripe. I love those

Also got a cheap Schecter and a 98 Gibson The Paul II that are both for sale to finance my Stang and Strat projects (which will wind up being a fairly run of the mill Orange Comp Stang style thing... probably with stock pickups, possibly with hot rails). My Strat will be a crazier Surf Green thing, but I'm doing up the Stang first. Just sold a Squier 51 yesterday as a first step towards financing those. (Great guitar though).

pics in case anyone cares.

(guess no one cares :-D )

Lookin forward,


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