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Kurt Cobain Mustang and jaguar


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I have had these guitar's a few months now, don't really play them much. It's basically brand new! I use my martin acustic and PRS custom 24 most of the time.

They both came from Japan. I have added another volume knob on the jaguar. Hasn't been wired yet.

I maybe selling them soon. I am a poor man right now :-(



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I would want something in the price range that i had pm'ed you the 1st time we talked.

Yeah they told me the same thing about the jaguar. IDK why they can't sell them.

I honestly don't want to sell ether of these, I also have no problem keeping them both.

I will sell them if i get what i paid. I know alot of people say it's used and it drop's value.

But these guitars are not that easy to get as you can see, and i am not in huge need to sell them anymore.

If your worried about trust, paypal has buyer proctection.

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