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Pics of Everyones fender mustangs

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Lefty build. Oil finished

Some more pics of my freshly modded Mustang with modern TOM bridge, locked tremolo, lowered switches, fully shielded, 500k pots and Duncan JB humbucker   .    

Sorry to double post but I have a little update. I am starting to realize that fender short scales are an addiction....   I was loving messing around with the squier mustang I posted and had an itch

Nah, the DiMarzio single coils sized humbuckers are exactly the size of the vintage pups.

I did have to sand the pickguard a bit around the pup though as nitro guards shrink alot in 40+ years to fit the humbucker in as the cover is a bit biger than the vintage one. you can fit the vintage cover on the pup but its dangerous as you will likely break a winding and kill the pup. I've had one on there but took it off just in case. The stock DiMarzio rails configuration looks good in these anyways.

Your case is even identical to mine!

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Here are some photos of my 1978 Mustang. I've owned this guitar since 1997. It had a 400 dollar price tag on it and I traded in a single pickup silvertone (amp in case model without the amp in case) in along with 250 cash and took it home. The first thing I did was scratch the EMG logo off the pickup covers. They are great sounding pickups, but I couldn't live with anything printed on the covers. It just looked wrong. The maple neck is great with the exception of some squashed frets from playing and one screwy note on the high E at the 13th fret (unlucky!). I'm considering a replacement neck for this since a refret is so expensive anyway. The paint job is a cheap blue housepaint over the original natural ash body that the last owner did. I also think he replaced the pickguard with an earlier pearloid guard and stuck on earlier control knobs to make it look more like a 60's mustang. My acidic sweat has wrecked the chrome all over, but that's how it goes with all my guitars. The body is a super heavy ash and the neck is heavy maple with a skunk stripe. Overall, in the neck pickup position it has my favorite, warmest guitar tone in my whole collection. I love this guitar.

















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very nice '78 Mustang and especially like the Maple neck. I bet the EMGs give it a bit more oomph and don't blame ya for scratching off the logo. It looks stock in these photos.


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Mc, I wouldn't bother, the EMG logo on my pickups (on my Jag-Stang, Explorer, and Kramer) are almost totally gone, and I did not even deliberately do it. EMG logos have a tendency to wear off after awhile.

That 78' sounds cool, I wanted to try an EMG'd mustang myself. I know you can't do phase reverse on one though.

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Can't do "out of phase" (is this the same at phase reverse?) on an EMGed mustang? I always figured mine was. When I set my switches away from each other or toward each other I get the same nasaly, springy sound I've gotten from other mustangs.

Now that I think about it, I'm unsure if it was an EMG logo I scratched off or a lace sensor logo or a "noiseless". It was 12 years ago! I can still remember doing it, but can't remember exactly what they were. I just knew it didn't look right but it sounded right.

I can say that the letter were just printed on the blastic in small white ink and came off easily. They weren't etched into the surface or engraved or raised up. I can't say what they were. Just some kind of single coil.

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That's what I thought. I never considered the possibility of it being an active pickup set until it was mentioned here. I'm pretty sure they are passive since I've played this guitar frequently for 12 years and have never had any reason to "check under the hood". Someday I'll open it up and see if they are marked but I'm not going to bother since it sounds so good. Too many screws! :)

I obviously am totally ignorant of the inner workings of pickups. I just know what I like. I've never modified any of my guitars pickups. I don't even know what active pickups are supposed to do. So if you have an active pickup installed with a dead battery will you get no sound out of the guitar? Or will the active qualities (whatever they are) just cease?

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Thanks Fran.

I love the maple neck although I actually just bought a new (used '73) mustang neck with a rosewood board to swap onto my mustang. The current neck feels/sounds great but the frets are really dented and buzzy at this point and they've always been a little uneven and troublesome since I got it. Rather than refret or dress the frets I decided to see how a new (old but less used) neck would work since it's actually cheaper. I'll get the maple neck fixed for sure someday when I have the money. Just an experiment.

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Got my new (old) neck in the mail last night. Popped of the stock maple neck and with a little bit of shimming installed the '73-'74 rosewood neck on the guitar. It sounds and plays great. I also put on a new set of strings 9's not my usual 10's and they are those weird elixer strings that I don't know if I love. The sound is different. Not quite as warm as it was in the neck position but I think that's due to the lighter gauge strings and the paper shims I used. I'll have to get some proper wooden shims in there.

It looks like this neck originally was attached to a competition blue body from the end of the competition era when the headstocks didn't match. There are traces of that blue metallic paint on the neck heel.

This neck has a thinner feel and a really, really nice fret job. They are super low but really smooth and even. I've never had a neck with such low frets. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

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