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Pics of Everyones fender mustangs

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Lefty build. Oil finished

Some more pics of my freshly modded Mustang with modern TOM bridge, locked tremolo, lowered switches, fully shielded, 500k pots and Duncan JB humbucker   .    

Sorry to double post but I have a little update. I am starting to realize that fender short scales are an addiction....   I was loving messing around with the squier mustang I posted and had an itch

I thought it was a lefty, but then I tried to read your shirt and realized I was reading 'Buddha' backwards!!

I also like how one hand is flipping the bird and the other is giving thumbs up.

Nice guitar too, I hope you are happy with it :)

Loved my Stang so much I got the bass to keep her warm at night ....


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Red one is all original 1964, well looked after too. Singer in my band just traded his deluxe USA strat for it ths week.

Blue one is mine, 2005 reissue. Seymour duncan Custom custom in bridge and jazz model in neck.

Ive been offered an all original 1962 Jaguar in red (Fiesta?) for R10 000 (Around $1300) by the guy who had this 64' mustang. Slight damp mark that discoloured the paint on lower bout, im considering it :/

(Sorry my iPhone takes rubbish photos)

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Nice Joe!

What green is that? Looks like my 64 Jag B)

Love the Orange model, i have a refin 65.


Hi the original color of this guitar was a blue but the old owner wants a change de color but never paint the guitar, when i buy this guitar i try to make a color similar at the head

the clear is older and looks like green

This guitar right now is in Argentina

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Hello everyone - Can someone please give me some info on this Mustang? Is it a fake? My dad has had it for a long, long time. what's even crazier is that he said he acquired another "Mustang" that looks exactly like this. Same color and everything.

What gives?

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