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Pics of Everyones fender mustangs

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Lefty build. Oil finished

Some more pics of my freshly modded Mustang with modern TOM bridge, locked tremolo, lowered switches, fully shielded, 500k pots and Duncan JB humbucker   .    

Sorry to double post but I have a little update. I am starting to realize that fender short scales are an addiction....   I was loving messing around with the squier mustang I posted and had an itch

Looks like they can do it. Emailed them. I will post back what I hear. Really appreciate the advice!

Update: Tony emailed back. (He is fast!) Sounds like it might be doable. He thinks it would be about $40 for a Black/White/Black and $50 if I want to go with the stock white pearl with the humbucker route. Sounds great to me. I am just confirming he can do the route for me with a tracing of my stock pickguard.

Any opinions on what to get? I am leaning towards a black one because stock is... well stock. I have seen them with a tort pickguard. Seems a little weird on red. Any ideas?

Well done on looking them up :-) The always seemed reputable to me. I can't suggest ideas to you (that's purely to your own taste), but I always wanted to get a pickguard made in the 'aged pearloid' that they offer.

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@Silenus I am leaning towards a black/red/black if I can get it or a black/white/black. I would have it routed for a standard (non-slanted) humbucker so I think the regular JB humbucker would probably work?

@Robbmonster The aged pearloid is like a cream vs white I think? If I end up going for white, I will do this.

@Libtoem I hear that the Jr is a bit more compressed. (Different range. Less highs and mids.) Mine coming in has a Jr. I will do a sound test with that and compare it to my Agile with the full size JB in it and post it. They are different guitars, but should still give sort of a gound to compare.

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^ according to the text below, and many people on this site that gave me very good information,

you should get an F-spaced or trembucker for your Fender


Very good to know! Thanks for that. I would have thought their F Spaced was the Fender spaced. I will get the TB-4 then.

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Yup, unless you want to replace your bridge with a TOM, better get a TB-4.

I think the Tune-O-Matic would be more work for not too much gain unless I got a new neck with a different radius. (Since I will have the hard tail conversion.)

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It came in today! I will do that audio recording of the JB jr. and the full size JB in a few minutes. Might take a little bit to get the video uploaded.


DSC08986 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

By the way I was shocked to see the shop tags and paperwork included. Totally cool. Also has a Fender guitar bag. Very cool! Killer buy.

Here is my audio sample of the Jr vs the normal size JB.

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Heres my original except for switches January '65 Mustang. Already looking to get another! Addictive :rolleyes:

Are you sure this is an original 1965? I don't think they came with a string hook on the headstock. And your pickguard does not seem to show age...?

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So i got a Daphne Blue 65 RI on monday(halloween :D) from Bestbuy for $614 total after tax and a new pair of strings(it was $644 but %10 off cuz it was the last

one and it was the display one) i was extremely happy ive been playing for about almost 2 years but i really dont know much about like setting up a guitar

so when i changed the strings the intonation was off and a bunch of other stuff went wrong so i took it back and had them set it up for $20 but when i got it back they literally had done

nothing they had said it need bridge height adjustment truss rod adjustment and it also had fret buzz which i asked them to get rid of aswell as intonate it but

it was all still the same so any suggestions on what i should do? i dont want to try it myself and end up messing up my new guitar and the only other places close by

charge around $60+ for set up which i dont have

also which way is the bridge supposed to be facing?

mine came with the springs on the screws closer to the saddle

but ive seen it in pictures the other way around

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