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Pics of Everyones fender mustangs

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Lefty build. Oil finished

Some more pics of my freshly modded Mustang with modern TOM bridge, locked tremolo, lowered switches, fully shielded, 500k pots and Duncan JB humbucker   .    

Sorry to double post but I have a little update. I am starting to realize that fender short scales are an addiction....   I was loving messing around with the squier mustang I posted and had an itch

get a photobucket account. upload the picture into photobucket from your computer. facebook, phone, whatever.

then once its on photobucket it will give you links when you click on the pic, it will give you about 5 options for email, forums, tweets, whatever.

just use the img link for forums. and walla, you will be posting pics like a champ in no time.

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Hey guys, I'm a newbie here, so greetings from the western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.


To kick off, here is the latest addition to my clan. It's a Fender Japan MG/HO in Candy Apple Red with the matching headstock.


I only got this guitar on Monday. I went through Ishibashi Music in Japan and it cost me $800AUD used including postage, which I think was quite the deal considering Mexican Standard Telecasters et alia go for $750AUD new over here.




This guitar throws out probably the best clean tones I have ever heard.


At present it remains in it's stock state and as such is unmolested, however I am putting a DiMarzio BC-1 in the bridge position tomorrow as my current writings require the chugga-chugga and breakdowns as well as the beautiful cleans this beast affords.


Hope y'all enjoy!

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MIJ 65 reissue

DiMarzio DP100 in bridge

soon to be getting black grover machineheads, (Not a fan of the stock ones)

also, does anyone know if you can get different volume knobs without changing out the whole thing.

Judging by the choice of stickers (Minor Threat, Operation Ivy) I daresay we're going to get along swimmingly!

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I've never seen a more beautiful mustang. Tosh, where in the world did you find that?

Here's the link to the Fender Japan site;




And here's the online store I use;




Even with the somewhat low Australian Dollar, prices still work out good for me. Although nothing will beat the MIJ 62 A-series Tele Custom Reissue I got last year on price, it cost me $525 delivered to Australia from Japan.

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Hi, first time posting here. Figured I'd share some pics.


1977 or 78 Refin Mustang, been rode hard and put away wet before I bought it from a pawn shop in the early 90's. Replaced the strat style knobs with what I call "radio knobs", not sure what the official fender name is for them.




2007-2011-1978 Parts-Stang. Bought the parts of Ebay and darrenriley.com, except for the pickups which I took from the '78. Daphne blue with brown tort.




I am in love with my new Mustang, plays and sounds so great. Posing here with my home recording setup.



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Hey all - just wanted to share the project squier mustang I am working on. First project guitar and I suck at playing so I am learning to mod and play at the same time


Mods so far (mostly copied cobain mods):


1. Locked tremolo


2. Installed adjust-o-matic bridge (had to drill body)


3. Neck shim (action way too high with adjust-o-matic)


4. Schaller strap locks


Mods to come:


1. Installation of Zexcoil juicy bucker (getting to my house today) http://www.zexcoil.com/buckers.html - I will probably install this in the bridge at first and then move it to the neck when...


2. Routing body for bridge humbucker


3. New pickguard with bridge humbucker


4. SD JB in bridge


So far it has been a fun project and I'm excited to work on installing my first set of pickups









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Sorry to double post but I have a little update. I am starting to realize that fender short scales are an addiction....


I was loving messing around with the squier mustang I posted and had an itch to go for the real thing. I found a 1996 MIJ mustang on craigslist for a very fair price from a super nice guy, so I had to go for it...




Sorry for the poor quality pic. Right now, I am really enjoying it as is. In the future, I may have the headstock painted/re-decaled, may swap out the fast tracks (previous owner had installed) for the zexcoil juicy bucker and replace the neck pickup with a zexcoil throaty bucker and may throw on a white peraloid pickguard. I am also considering a mastery bridge but for now, the stock bridge is pretty solid. Depends how much sustain I can get by swapping the pickups.


God I love this guitar.

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OK this is my 1965 mustang its all original my dad pulled it out and let my have it the thing was it didn't work at all.so I opened it and opened the switches and cleaned them soldered them back in and it worked so now I need to learn to play....not kidding I can't even play a note but for this guitar I want to learnhttp://s1155.photobucket.com/user/calebsone1/media/IMG_20140424_225316_zps2c511629.jpg.html?filters[user]=140030968&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0

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I bought the above guitar new from Japan. I searched the serial number on The Guitar Dater Project website and got the result made 1994-1995. I can't beleive that this guitar has been at the back of a warehouse all this time.

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My 65 Fender Mustang, It came into my Possession around 75.

The previous owner of it had removed the Headstock decal and painted the body an awful puke Yellow color, the paint was about half inch thick with large runs in it, one of the pickups was completely smashed and most of the screws were missing, I got it disassembled in a box were it had been for at least two years.

It had not been treated very well before that.

I stripped the paint off and applied the clear Lacquer you see today, replaced most of the screws and replaced the smashed pickup with a DiMarzio Pickup that I don’t remember the model.

A few years later, due to wear, I replaced the tuners with new chrome tuners that they said were for a Strat and the worn out frets with Jumbo frets.

I have been playing it since, I have had other guitars in the interim but none of them have been able to match the feel and sound of this guitar.










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