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Schaller TOMs and other misc. questions.

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where to obtain creme covers and creme volume + tone knobs, preferably ones with "volume" and "tone" on them, not just "vol".

and also, which bridge is more suitable a mustang or TOM in terms of efficient/effective.

anyway, kind of in a rush, speak to all you guys tonight, PEACE.

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for me you cant go wrong with the mustang bridge.

there easy to install, the guitar all works the same as with the stock bridge in but with less setup fiddeling.

i have never felt the need to put a tom in my geetars. i think fitting a tom bridge in a jag/jazz the same as trying to fit a triangle into a round hole THERE IS NO POINT!! just stick with the mustang bridge.

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wow.....MIM strats are horribly overpriced where you are.... :shock:

my first electric was a MIM Strat, left-handed, which cost $379 canadian, and it actually sounds great. very nice low-action, nice sounding neck pickup and a nice feeling fretboard.....

regarding the jag bridge, I replaced mine with a mustang one, and it's great. I'd recommend that, unless you get the TOM working :)

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Heh.. yeah. It gets really funny with the more expensive things.

Like a Mesa Road King is like $8,500 AU from Australia and if you buy it from the States, have it shipped here for $600 AU and convert it to our power AND buy smokes + petrol for the entire week I assure you that you'll still have another grand or so left in your pocket.

The prices here are awful.

Ok as for the bridge I might end up just sticking with the original Mustang bridge. Thanks for the help guys.

I had it in my Jaguar and had no problems. Just was wondering if the TOM was better quality as I don't have my Mustang bridge anymore (sold it along with my Jaguar).

Anyway I'm off to bed. Just got back from "Dunxy"s place... uhm, his amp owns- even if it does look like ass. :shock:8)

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