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looking for a guitar chord book. please help

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I've found, that if you buy music books that contain music you like playing, then you are almost forced into learning the new chords. Most will show you the chord and where exactly to place your fingers. Do what I did, years ago...and just cruise down to the book store and start perusing...

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Yeah I lit my Bible on fire last time I ate shrooms. Apparently I had decided it was all a bunch of lies and animals were going to take over the earth.

As far as chords go, I'd say it's more fun and more rewarding to learn every note on your guitar, learn every key on your guitar (as in scales, but more knowing which notes on the guitar are in a key and not so much scale patterns), and then learning the chord formulas, which Bob posted in a sticky. Then you can make up any chord you want in any position on the neck no problem, and it's a lot of fun to fool around with. But it takes a little bit of effort and isn't as easy as having someone just hand it all to you in a fancy pancy little book.

I hear chord chemistry is a really good book too by the way.

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