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its a great pedal, so is the blues driver, which I use; tragic is right the SD1 is a tubescreamer-alike and blues driver just has more girth and less mids, depending on your preference. both good pedals and just a bit cheap. the marshall bluebreaker is great too as is the nobels natural overdrive; all cheap and great ods

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Ah right, I don't have an eBay account... Neither do either of my parent's, so I cant really get stuff from there that easily. Apparantly you have to be 18 to register...

No way man, I was 15 when I bought my Jazz bass on E-bay. When did they change that? I think I may have lied about my age though, I'm not sure. Lie about your age! Do it! I'm sure your parents would let you set one up under their name as well. Just ask.

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