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Posted by popular demand.

Basically, I'm almost done, have been for a couple months now. I have to touch up the paint in a couple of areas and put on clear coat. Have to get the electronics wired up and screw everything into place.

But here's a picture of what I've got so far. You'll notice the bridge is sagging, I haven't screwed it in yet. I originally intended on having a Jazzy/Jag bridge, but that didn't happen, so this is what I've got. Yes, the case is vintage, 1960's Fender.


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A Jagstang/Jazzy? That'd be cool.

Kurt cobains original design for the jagstang had the same headstock as ur mustang

and 3 pickups.. a mustang at neck. hotrail in middle. and humbucker at bridge.. its in his journals,.. i'll scan it if i can

Yeah, I've seen it, that's where I got the head stock idea. I really like it.

I've never seen a drawing with 3 pickups, the ones I saw had the Jag bridge though, not the Mustang, also only has 2 pickups. Single coil at the neck and a humbucker in the bridge.

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well, ill go ahead and be the #### of the group haha how much did that B.A.M.F. cost you, and btw i think thats really sexy im tempted to bum the idea off of you

lol what idea in particular?

im tempted to bum the idea off of you

What's with all the homality with you guys lately?

lol okay so "bum" must mean butt-bang in the UK. I know you get what Grant means though.

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