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Best Humbucker...for my new westbury standard!!!!

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Hi guys, I got an absolute steal on a westbury standard on ebay (link below) and I'm chuffed; it plays wonderfully and is much better than any les paul copy (or the genuine les paul special or studios, for that matter). I'm not a big fan of the super pickups though, the PAF is ok but I'm not a fan of the super distortion at all; I was thinking about a pair of seymour duncans with a 59 in the neck and I'm not sure what in the bridge...the JB is the obvious choice, though I'm a big fan of that pickup in fender style guitars and don't know how it'd react to a big piece of solid mahogany. Any other options? I'm thinking Custom, Custom-custom, another '59 (bridge model) or the JB. Any thoughts would be nice. And any jealousy too. That'd be lovely.

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 0288179411

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Sure,the X2N has a higher output than a Super Distortion but it balances out pretty well.I know alot of metel dudes love this pickup as it gives a very awseome metel sound.Go on youtube and type in X2N and you can hear what it can do.I read its the highest output of all DiMarzio humbucker's.

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