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Cool mustang guitar vid

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ive played pretty much all of those guitars, and a couple more that i don't think were in that vid,

he is a great guy, and when i met up with him he had everything sitting in his basement studio and pretty much said.

"heres a beer, now which one do you want to play thru first?"

Nice do you know how he got them all is he rich, how u know him, and you think he could put some close up pics of some the comp stangs i would love too see em.

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i know him thru the shortscale, we hung out the last time i was in his area, the next time im around im going to hang with him again,

its not like he is a millionaire but he does have a very nice house, an insanely nice comic book collection.

and he is a hardworker.

he worked his way up from the bottom to the top and just from his attitude you can tell he is a no crap sort of guy, its a sort of idea that seems to have illuded the fast food nation of the younger generation.

so basically, work really really hard, and you can have nice toys, slack off and you get nothing.

the guy is super nice and cool, im not sure if i said that yet or not.

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