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If Cobain had a clone this could be it

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i think that he, and the band, did a decent job of covering that tune.

personally i think that if you mess with perfection its just WRONG!

nirvana was pretty close to prefection for me so..... any sort of cover is just sub par.

unless lydia lunch did a cover of serve the servants, i think that would be awsome!

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that lounge act cover wasn't tht great but it was good. This kid is like trying to be Kurt by getting guitars he had before.


his covers are ok but honestly thats kind of dumb getting every guitar Kurt had. Like he just gets then all. :roll:

I guess you could say its an obsession, what he'll get out of it I don't know, BUT...I want a Hi-Flyer or a Hi-Flyer-esque guitar in white, though i don't know if the neck is thin like a Fender neck or bulky like a gibson neck, which is a turn off for me.

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who gives a poop

Exactly. If I went out and bought a Telecaster I could be called a Cobain Freak.

ANY person who own a Jaguar, A Mustang, A Jag-Stang, A Stratocaster, A Telecaster, A Hi-Flyer, An SG, A Les Paul could be called a Cobain Freak because he used every one of those guitars at least once.

A guitar, is a guitar, is a guitar, is a guitar.

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