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I added a thread under the effects section, maybe I should have put it here.

I have a Fender Jag, lovely beast,recently I have been considering changing the pick up. I have a seymour quatre pounder in it, but I would like something like a little 59, basically a humbucker hot rails type pick up, would the little 59 be easy to fit, and would it be a good buy, or would you suggest a differnt make or model, thanks Pete

I play blues,indie and classic rock on it mostly. www.myspace.com/thestereohigh although the demos on there are using a dano that I have since sold.

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The QP for Jaguar is good but its not a humbucker, yet still the most powerfull Jaguar replacement pickup.

The only problem with lil' 59, JB Jr and Hot Rails is you sometimes cannot refit the Claw and certainly not the pickup cover, so then everything looks wrong.

What some people do is make sure the pickup does'nt have a triangular base (Strat replacement) so the Claw refits then cut the top section of the pickup cover out with a craft knife so that also fits. It looks odd unless you do both pickups though.

All are easy to wire in, 2 wires, hot and ground.

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