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I am new at posting here, but wanted to show off my Jaguar and ask a question to all you other Jaguar owners out there.

My guitar is a 1965 L series with a May1965 stamp on the neck. I bought it eleven years ago for 500$ Canadian (it's about the same in US$ now, but it was about 350$ US back then!), which was already then a pretty good deal. It is quite aged with lots of dings and scratches, but all there and all original (except for a refret job done by the previous owner).


My question is, have you ever seen a vintage american Jaguar like this with the circuit control switch installed backwards? I mean, the "rythm circuit" is activated when the switch is downwards, and the main circuit is on when the switch is upwards... Mine seems to have been born that way, since nothing inside has been messed around with. But I also own a japanese RI Jaguar and the switch is the other way around..

Anyone has a take on this? Thanks!

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i suppose once you're used to it being like that, it wouldn't matter. did you think yours was 'normal' all this time? :lol:

welcome to the boards, btw. nice jag. looks like it's had a new nut as well. my '62 could do with refrets and new nut. but i don't really play it that much. just play the new jag instead

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Thanks for the good words!

Actually, I did think my guitar was normal, and that my jap RI was the screw-up... Untill I tried another Jaguar and saw the diagrams on the internet... I guess I did get used to it being that way.

You've got good eyes! Yes the nut was also changed, and unfortunately, it was a bad job... I mean, the guitar plays like a dream, but cosmetically it deters the looks of the guitar a little.

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