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Jagmaster NECK on Mustang?...

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the body is routed for 25.5" scale, but they make(somehow that is beyond me) a neck that converts it in a intonatable way to 24"(or what ever)

This is why I don't get it...

I measure the distance from heel of neck to bridge saddles on my telecaster and on my jagmaster, and the distance was different (the tele was about 1.5" longer)

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rob, your jagmaster is 24". measure from the saddle of the high e to the edge of the neck route on both bodies, and we can tell you if the JGM is conversion or not.

I posted the measurements once in another thread, but when I looked just now, I couldn't find them.

If I remeber, the distance from saddle to neck on the tele was about 7.3", and on the Jagmaster is was about 6.7".

I can't take any measurements at the moment, as I am not with the guitars...

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