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Noob question.....Jaguar/jazzmaster bridge

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I don't mean to Hijack this thread, but i guess i have the same problem really, well, not really since i don't actually own this jazzmaster yet. But In the shop the bridge was rattling like a snare, and it was kind of being amplified as well. I think it had 9-42 gauge strings, though.

The guy in the shop said "just get some graphtec saddles for it and it'll be fine". Of course that is an option but i don't think that would sort out the fact the bridge is loose due to there not being enough tension on it. Would putting a heavier gauge, say 11-48 (I use this gauge on most 24.75" scale guitars) solve the problem of the loose bridge?

This is a jazzmaster i'm talking about, btw.

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shortscale guitars were originaly sent out of the factory with like 12's or something like that.(thats vintage, not the new stuff)

there are a few videos on youtube that show how to effentially setup a stock jaguar/ jazzy bridge.

also, fender sent out the jag with a factory shim in the neck pocket, this increases the break angle over the bridge as well as bridge height making more tension in the long run over the bridge.

in a nut shell, if its a jap, shim the neck with a playing card or peice of a pack of smokes.

watch a couple videos on youtube and fiddle with the bridge.

the best one i can think of is one done by a fellow named hurb from the shortscale crew, he has like 5-6 jags and jazzy's and the video shows him setting up a 69 jaguar.

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