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Jazzmaster pickups on a jaguar

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iam sorry dude iam just messing, yes its been done I HAVE DONE IT! :lol: to be honest the only reason i did was because my jap jag had been through loads of pickup combos and i had never been happy and the jag never got played witch was a shame really so after refinnishing it i got the idea in my head to try some jazzmaster pickups in, and the 'jazzuar' was born its now a guitar that gets played. its still a very trebly guitar but it sounds pretty nice to my ears its wired like a jazzmaster but with the jag thin switch still installed and i wired a varitone in too just for ####s and giggles.

here it is.(the blue one :roll: )


edit: more pics.


and pre jazzmaster pickups.


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hells no! it was a bitch! i took everthing out to refinnish it so had to wire it up again and i installed a 3 way toggle switch to use instead of the slider switches.

cutting the guard was hard too, you need the right tools or it will look a mess.

anyway here is how it sounds


the only guitar on there is the jazzuar and its all the neck pickup and there is no effects just guitar and amp.

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