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Recording, no idea were too start

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I have Audacity, and a mic built in to my webcam, how shocked you must be at the effort that's put into my recording studio...

But I have no idea were to start with recording, what programs would I need, what would I use to record, because we sort of have a band, what would be suitable for recording a band all at the same time. Any advice on microphones, i need any info whatsoever on this..

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If anyone in your band or yourself has a windows 95 cpu or mac os9, you can download protools free and use it to record and mix. But it will still be one track at a time recording, unless you pick up a Digi 001 off of ebay for $400 that will do 8 at the same time with the option of adding 8 more via adat light pipe and a 8 channel mic pre for a grand total of 16 channels available to record at the same time! but you don't use ebay. so nevermind. :lol:

p.s. Read the Thread in this section called "idiot pilot" or something like that.

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Why not just get a 1/4" to regular jack converter to put on the other end of your patch cord and plug it straight into your mic input on your soundcard? You'll have to put pedals in the line if you want any effects - otherwise it will be straight clean.

OR you can plug your guitar into your amp, and from the Line-Out of your amp, plug the patch cord with the adapter into your PC's soundcard mic input. Then you can set the record settings in audacity to receive info from your mic port. That'd work reasonably well. That's also how I used to do most of my recording until I registered in a music studio class.

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Ah, i think I'll try plugging it directly into my sound card.

Something like

http://www.thomann.de/thoiw2_the_sssnak ... dinfo.html


I'm waiting on my distortion pedal so that should work. I'll get some kind of splitter or something for multiple recording.

I have a budget of literally 10 quid. So the free stuff would do for now.

Not spending $400 on second hand crap. :lol:

Pics of what exactly? I have pictures of my dog with bad lighting. Will that do? :-P

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I'll tell you how I got started recording.

I had a crap PC, got interested in recording, so I went downtown and talked with a friend who was enrolled at the Musician's Institute in Hollywood. I asked him and all his classmates what program and computer to use. All 10 said, "Protools on a Mac".

Ok...so, I searched around, found a used G3 for $400, snagged it up, got online and downloaded ProTools LE Free. I couldn't bounce to disk on free, so I did more searching and found Digital Performer 3.0 with a serial. Installed that and haven't looked back.

I also use a cheapass Beringer Eurorack MX 602A 6 channel mixer, a Russian Octava MK 319 condenser mic and Audio Technica ATH-M40fs headphones.

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