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Jag-Stang stock humbucker into strat

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I have a lovely plywood strat copy, was my first guitar owned for 15 years and I love it, plays a treat.

Anyways, it is currently SSS but room under there for HSH.

Not sure if the spare Jag-Stang humbucker I have will fit in the bridge as it is angled, any ideas how it would sound in the neck position?

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i have no idea what you mean. a humbucker will fit in a humbucker routing/pickguard.

I want to do this on the cheap so want to keep the current pick guard. The holes to secure the pup are angled but the route underneath isn't big enough for an angled humbucker.

so, how would the stock humbucker sound in the neck position?

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Should sound good. Its not high output so it goes with the tradition of neck buckers being that way. The balance between pups will be way out though, neck pups are usually louder as it is.

If you fit the bucker straight in the bridge wont you get away with enlarging the current angled pickguard hole straight? You could dremmel it.

The problem with Strats is the strings are close to the body, so usually humbuckers are a pain to fit unless you raise the saddles high and shim the neck to compensate for your action.

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