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Just went to my post office to check if anything has arrived. I was sure that I was wasting my time. And then "Yes, the package has arrived." - "What!?". So I took it home laid the package on my bed, ripped it off, it was full of plastic airbags and then I dug it out. It's BEAUTIFUL! It's shiny, the neck is smooth and I instantly started doing Sonic Youth kind of stuff with picking behind the bridge and tremolo and laughed. The bridge and strings buzz/slip like hell, but doesn't bother me, knowing I can fix it. I'm on my way to the local guitar shop and buy some 11's, but before I restring I will set the bridge up properly. Ahh, these curves are so sexy!

Oh, and one thing, it's MIJ not a CIJ! Is that bad? The serial says T0*****. (<-I noticed they hid their number in some forums, so. xD )Any ideas what the year could be? Anyway it seems that they don't buy Jags from Thomann.de very often, otherwise their merchandise would be.. umm.. updated? :D

I can't tell how it sounds, because the amp (Vox Pathfinder10 was shipped separately and should arrive later.) But even unplugged it sounds good. :D I'm going to test it with my friend's Laney <- blah!.

Anyway, this all should mean that I'm now a proper member of this place. :D Hi!

I will post pics once the camera's battery is recharged.

/edit: gawd, i can't go to the guitar shop, i can't stay away from it! :D

/edit2: ok, i have calmed down now. did some research and it seems, it's built in 94-95. and yeah, the tortoise pickguard is very different from the ones i have seen on pictures that are CIJ's or AVRI's. it has more contrast, it's like brown with orange spots and without the blending between the colors.

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took 2 quick shots with my low battery. work in process. :P



^ sry for the quality.

when i've done what i can with the bridge, i'll pop it in, restring and see what happens. btw, i expected the neck to be thinner. my ibanez gax30's neck is quite thin and i expected the jag's to be sth like that. but it's more chunkier. no problem tho. having problem with the bridge posts and need to check the guides again. :D

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Thanks everybody.

so thomann was doing an okay job for you?

Well, I ordered it, they shipped it, it came in one piece, so yeah, they did good. I don't mind it wasn't set up properly, I loved doing it myself. The outer bridge saddles (E's) were slanted outwards, but that was easy. Then did the intonation. The lower E slipped a lot, but now one of the saddle screws supports it and it isn't going anywhere. The tremolo bar is in one place too, BUT it buzzes sometimes. :D Also there is a grounding problem.

I tested it with my friend's amp. It wasn't that harsh on treble as I expected. Even the strangle switch was usable. Well.. strangle was weird, but it wasn't that harsh as I've heard on youtube or some sound samples. Maybe I got the wrong impression. :P Anyway, it's a good thing.

I'll post better pics soon. Some details and stuff.

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On the next month's 10th, I'm gonna order the next batch. Schaller STM (maybe i'm going to e-mail them about getting a mustang bridge), SJAG-1's, EHX Holy Grail.

The neck pickup is really dull atm. I expected sth like this:

at 00:20

/edit: ok, just discovered that the rhythm circuit is duller than the usual selected neck pickup. :D still tho, there could be more of that jingle. checked the sounds from webrocker.de. I liked the AVRI pickups' sounds on heavier strings, but the higher ones were too pointy, with the vintage ones i like the higher strings(mellower), but don't like the heavier strings that much, there seems to be less definition. checked the SJAG-1's from SD too and I'm trying to compare them.

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