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Converting Jaguar to a Jazzmaster

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Hi all....I'm just putting the feelers out about this and looking for some advice.

I've got a CIJ Jaguar that I'm thinking of possibly converting into a jazzmaster.

Is this possible? Has anyone heard of anyone doing it on this site before?

Would I be able to just stick a jazzmaster scratchplate on to the jaguar body or would I have to get one made up?

I'm sure there are many other questions I should be asking and taking many other things into consideration!

Any help/advice would be appreciated.


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well first of all, anything is possible haha, the neck would be very hard to do, because the jag neck is a 24" scale and the jazzy is a 25.5" scale, as far as the pickguard, no im pretty sure it wouldnt be compatable, but you could get someone to make one for you that fits the jag and looks like the jazzy plate :-D

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define 'convert', do you want it to have a jazzmaster neck, if you do, youll need to do some routing to move the bridge, which will mess with the harmonics since the distance from trem to bridge will change, if you move the trem back, youll need to do some filling + refinish, etc. If all your talking about is the pickguard, youll definitely need a custom one, and i second the jag plates sucking.

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I'm thinking of just routing and putting the pickups in....I definitely won't be adjusting the scale length as I'm very happy with the way it plays at the moment.

I think I'll just look in to getting a scratch plate made up, maybe an anodised one would be nice, and buy the electronics.

Thanks for your comments

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I just love the way my jaguar plays, I've grown quite attached to it so I definitely won't be selling it!

Plus it's nice to have a customised guitar that's got your stamp on it.

That's fair enough I suppose.

I guess I just don't like seeing expensive guitars being gutted modified.

It's the way I think when I have no money to do it myself :)

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