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Pics of your Jag-Stangs


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Hello everyone !

I'm new around here.

I just bought 97' Jagstang in totally bad condition for 250 . What a rip off. I couldn't see that it was in such a bad condition from pictures. I'll post some pics later today. Anyway, I contacted a local guitar tech and he said he'll have to make new body, change the frets and so on. It would cost me around 500 . Do you think it's worth it ?

Edit : picture


Picture hides a lot of mistakes. Finish is super bad, body is deformed,....

And I will never understand how can seller send guitar without cleaning it.

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250 euro? Even if it is a beater with some paint on, I think its a pretty good deal. You could simply respray the body and do any modifications. The frets can be either replaced, or levelled and dressed, I'd go for the latter as it is cheaper.

And 500EU is way too much for that, that's pretty much the value of the guitar all original and mint. It should cost about 150EU to do the work I suggested.

And the dark blue looks really cool imo :)

And welcome to the forum :wink:

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Thank You !

Even I like finish from photo but in reality it looks like it was painted with Revell colors and brush.

Here are more detailed photos :


You can see that pickguard is little off.


Frets needs to be changed. There are also few holes on fretboard which cant be seen on photo.


On few parts body is sanded to deep.... How much do you guys think I could get for this body on ebay ?

Guitar was playable when it came but volume potentiometer must be replaced, only one pickup was wired and I wont start talking about setup....

I would pay 500 for new body, professional finish, new frets, new wires, setup and everything what needs to be done.

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Welcome Jean and Nicolas :-D

Jean- That actually looks very cool, just get the frets sorted out and accept it for what it is. If you want a museum piece just get another on ebay, im positive one will eventually come up for less than 500 euro.

P.S. 250 is'nt bad for what it is.

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I'd throw a TOM in that

What do you mean by that ?

Anyway thanks everybody for the welcome !

I will keep it that way for now.

a Tune-O-matic bridge, like gibsons use. I put one on mine that I took off an SG, and I think it plays alot better. Actually I put the floating bride in the sg with duct tape to keep it from moving and I thin that plays better too.

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Ohhhh I understand now! Tune-o-matic :)

I don't know, I actually like dynamic tremolo system on my mustang. My Jaguar has TOM and I kinda miss tremolo...

yea, I don't use the tremolo so I flipped the tailpiece and locked it down. The TOM just helps my tuning stability, and brings the string gap closer. I have a modern TOM that fit in the holes, though I can't adjust the bridge height, but honestly the hight and angle for me is perfect.

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Well, put it off long enough:



Got it about a month back at Sam Ash (Formally Manny's Music). In almost perfect condition aside from a very small dent on the bottom. Almost impossible to see, unless you really look close. For $400, I was very surprised to say the least. This one's definitely a keeper, though I plan on modifying it heavily in the future (When I'm not dead broke :( )


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