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Pics of your Jag-Stangs


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Here's how the JS body with the foreharm contour i got off Joey turned out. I re-sprayed it Ford Carnival Red, it has a 1966 Mustang neck (brass nut), Kluson style plastic button tuners, 3-way toggle (slider switches disabled), Duncan humbucker, Burns single coil...






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i Jake. I take it that j-s is all stock?

Yush.. but for some reason the bridge is messed up or something @.@ it like leans back or forward and I kinda have to push it back to the middle but it only takes a day of playing for it to start leaning again _._ anyone know why?

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Hi! New to the board. I have found tons of interesting stuff on mods and wiring. Below is my Jagstang. I added a TBX tone control, rewired it so the neck switch is a pickup selecter and the bridge switch is a coil splitter. I plan on adding telecaster knobs and a killswitch. It has a blue lace sensor in the neck and a red red dually in the bridge. I locked the bridge and the tune-o-matic. I also put in a black pearl pickguard.


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