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Pics of your Jag-Stangs


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That's quite a babe you've got there, lamp!


It was my main gigging guitar for 8 years or so, but now only comes out for special occasions!

I love that... the honesty. Most people think they have graduated to the Jaguar or Jazzmaster and wont admit to using the JS happily for a long time. Looks good dude. :-cool

Yeah man me too! I struggled with my J-S when I 1st got it cos it was a right mess and an absolute dog to play till I got her set up correctly. She was 2nd to my Telecaster at the time.

Its currently 2nd to my Supersonic at the moment only because I'm gettin her upgraded/modded but when she's done.....BAM! Shame she won't be ready for the Grapes gig tho Fran. :-cool

(i'll post pictures someday).

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oh yeah, I was playing through a texas red hot rod with a cab underneath. It's not so great for distortion so I ended up getting a marshall 150w valvestate with a BIG mf400 cab about 2 weeks ago....the amp/cab was made for the jag-stang I swear! especially if your into detuning.

Motherfvcker 400?

That must be a very good cab :lol:

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Did you make the scratches on the guitar by yourself or is that because you've been playing it over the years?

Like M.C. said, it's from over the years. I've had that guitar since I turned 17 and it's been my main ever since.

Here's some old pics of the Jag-Stang before she got the dings

My main guitars circa late 2001


Individual Shot from the same period


I'd only had the guitar 2 months when this photo was taken


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Been messing around with knobs again, had the camera out for the Jazzy tonight, and decided to take a pic or two of the other guitars.

Jag-Stang + Witch Hats = Win, looks far better than I thought it would, they also seem to work better for rapid-fire volume swells (which is something I have been doing a LOT lateley).


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