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Split-series-Parallel switching


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neck-both-bridge // Split-series-Parallel is the goal. oop can come later. I'd rather not install other toggle switches on the guitar, just use the switches already there.

Like what Icy did I assume. Can't find a diagram for the switch, though.

Tried the one by mad mike (viewtopic.php?f=1&t=15994&p=298703&hilit=series+parallel+split). Didn't work out. Double checked it and unless I'm missing something stupid, it doesnt work. Split and series sound exactly the same and come up with the same 8 ohms, and parallel comes up with the 4 ohms that the SD site says a split should give you. I'll triple check it tomorrow, so apologies ahead of time if I'm just dim enough to wire it incorrectly. It was kind of a quick going over.

Whatever that file icy linked relating to switching it is no longer up. I could probably think this through on my own but I'd rather just have a schematic.

So is there one? Thanks!

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