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I have a 50th anniversary Jazzmaster which I have systematically morphed from a vintage reissue to a future special edition Jazz-LP-Master Custom.

Replaced the neck with a Warmoth 24 3/4 scale conversion neck (gagged & bound w/illegally obtained real transition Fender decal!). Throw out the P.o.S. wanna be Klusons for Schallers. Speaking of Schallers, I used there tune-o-matic roller bridge (perfect adjustable string spacing, no string leap-frog & better matches the new neck's compound radius. To finish the bridge off it's got a Buzz-Stop (really cant recommend enough, enhances sustain noticeably)

Now for the pickups: currently I've got a Dimarzio DLX-90 in the neck (like) and a Super Distortion-90 in the bridge (too bright). I want to move the SD-90 to the middle position (ala LP Custom) cuz three pickups will look too cool & it should sound darker in the middle.

The question is what to put in the bridge position? Gotta be high output-ish and not too bright.

P.S. When I decide what pickup, how do I wire it up. I've got Jaguar switches/control plate (guess I'll need a new pickguard that isn't bright "reissue red" tortishell) but they don't need to be used in there usual manner. BE CREATIVE!

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Nope p-90s don't fill the pickguard holes (I use gaffer's tape to keep dust out for now), but if i go tri-pickup I'm getting a new guard anyway.

What's cool about the Dimarzio P-90 type pickups is that i can fit regular humbuckers under the covers (giving me many more options for pickups 'cuz I got an extra cover)!


I'll post some pics after I have time to take them and download them.

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