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FAO: People that like orange guitars

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A few people keep mentioning the colour here so i thought i'd post up my Squier Bullet Special Stratocaster.

Basically i got it cheap new and decided to put a better neck on it, i had a maple MIK neck spare and i also put new decals on.



Maybe not so interesting, i picked up an old 80's Vester Fire Superstrat... again because i love orange guitars and it was cheap. I had to build it up as it only had the pups when i got it...


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I think that is why I love my coral mustang so much...often, it looks so orange...


Speaking of Orange, I'm currently working on an orange swinger...pics to come! We also built an orange guitar for sublimedo and added a darker orange for the comp stripes. It came out looking great.

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Yeah, i love the Coral stang Aug, i still have the Coral stang body i bought from you.

That was you? David never tells me who is buying what. Well, in all fairness, he does know I don't give a crap. :lol: I'm glad you like it. It was the very first body I ever made.

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That strat = orgasmic.

It's a shame for such cool colours as yellow, orange, and green to be so uncommon.

no its not. if we saw them everyday, their beauty would fade away. chocolate wouldnt taste so good if you ate it every meal, would it?

Must you contradict everything I say on these threads???

My opinion is mine, yours is yours. Feel free to disagree, but if I say a guitar is gorgeous, it is. Doesn't make me right, just means that is my opinion.

I live next to the beach, and I NEVER get sick of it. And don't try to say that yes, I do get sick of it...

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im not disagreeing with you that they are great colors, and underused, but pointing out that part of the reason that they are so appealing is that they are rare. are you having your period or something rob?

Beautiful is beautiful, rare or not. My favourite colours I could look at every day and not get sick of them. Maybe you would, but that's you. If I like something, I don't get sick of it easily.

Not my period, thats alrerady gone, just stressed and feeling a bit attacked. It's nothing personal.

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