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FAO: People that like orange guitars

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I think I'm in love with that orange Strat, Fran...

yeah i saw that, i was tempted to buy it. haha o yeah btw it says its fiesta red, but it does look orange

I noticed that too. Body says orange, neck says fiesta red. Looks pretty orange to me

It does look orange, but it might just be a clever trick of the light :wink:

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If I had the resourses and funds, I'd be painting it orange.

But out of interest, what colour is it now?

I striped the body a long time ago,when I bought it someone painted it some crappy gold color,then under that was black then of course was fiesta red but it still looks fine with just the natural wood.Also I need to get my Bronco neck refreted bad,I have my Jagstang neck on it for now.

But here is my Bronco for now,maybe I will keep it this way- haha

http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y101/p ... 1231245167

what do you think of the vibrato?

I love it,one of the best things I like is there is never any type of buzz.

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